Blender Progress

I am in the process of switching to blender for 3d modeling animation and vfx. I have been learning the interface hotkeys and tools here are some basic stuff I have been working on. I have mostly been using premade assets from cgtrader or other software. but I have tried my hand modeling assets myself, I started out really simple like a face which I failed at amazingly so I switch to smaller items like bowls and plates as I get better.

One of my modeled plates

One of my modeled plates

The "that's not normal" and "you want how much for that?!" side Turbosquid and sites like it...

Mojoworld 2.0

Awhile back I was on goodwill's online auction site found this software called Mojoworld. Mojoworld is a procedural 3d world generator software, similar to Planetside Terragen. software the software is quite basic in its approach but it is a lot of fun to use and play around in. you can bring in your own 3d meshes and render them and get surprising results considering how old the software is. here are some of the world I generated and rendered.


Snow Landscape